Does the company sells its products outside Egypt?

Yes, The company exports around 80% of its production outside Egypt.

Does the company have the capabilities to participate in large-scale projects?

The company has possibilities that enable us to implement the large-scale projects, where El Gallad factory occupies an area of 14,000sqm, with a production capacity area of around 25,000sqm, and employs 500 employees. It has provided top-class furniture to top international hotel chains, resorts, government ministries' offices, private palaces, universities and Presidential offices in Egypt and the MENA region.

Does the company carry out designs for third party or sell their products only?

Yes, The company executes designs of clients but in quantities enough to cover the cost of the production line until the client does not assume substantial financial burdens

Does the company operate at a specified level of quality and price?

In large-scale projects, the company submit the financial proposal according to the specifications of the client or the project owner