The company owns a modern factory in Damietta, Egypt, equipped with top-tier machines and carpentry equipment. The factory lies on an area of 14,000sqm, and has a production capacity area of around 25,000sqm.


The factory produces a wide range of furniture for residential, hotel, office, restaurant and commercial needs.

El Gallad factory has its own team of talented designers and engineers who are responsible for creating different styles and designs for the company's products varying from the classic style to the modern and contemporary styles depending on the client's needs.

Around 85% of the factory's production is dedicated to large scale projects contracted to the factory through Construction and Engineering companies, Contractors, Architects and Interior Designers, in addition to retailing stores outside Egypt. The remaining 15% of the production is mostly Classic furniture marketed by the company through its own retail showroom in Cairo.

Human Resources

The core element of the success of El Gallad Company is the human resources. Over the years, the company was keen to employ highly skilled workers from talented carpenters to meticulous carvers and painters. Moreover, the company provides them with a friendly and professional working atmosphere and ensures a growing and sustainable career for them. It also provides them with continuous training in order to improve their performance and hence; produce more superior products and best serve the company's clients

Equipment and Machinery

To be able to provide its clients with high quality products, which are at par with international standards, El Gallad's factory is equipped with advanced technological machines in the field of carpentry such as automated cutting machines, saws, in addition to dryers and top-tier polishing equipment.